2017 Apple Design Awards: Can you spot the pattern?

Every year, Apple distributes "design awards" to the best designed apps. This year's winners in Mac category are:

Do you notice the pattern among these apps? If not, let me just write down what they do.

  • Task manager
  • Text editor
  • E-mail client

These apps help with activities that every Mac user does every single day. They are old ideas! They are not niche, they don't help with something specific, they don't come up with an innovative idea. These are old ideas, with the perfect execution.

And they are as successful as an app can be. These apps make millions.

Startup books sometimes leave us thinking we need to come up with a new problem and new solution to be successful. We sometime end up inventing problems just to build a solution. I think it's what they call "solutionism".

These winners prove you can be successful if you execute a great solution to an old problem.