Review: Best case for Touch Bar MacBook Pro

I just recently upgraded my 15" MacBook Pro from 2012 to the newest, 2017 version. It's an amazing piece of hardware, and I'll get to the details in another post, but today I want to write about what I think is the best bag for this computer.

The computer is really small, so I was looking for a small bag to go with it. I found the perfect one - Tomtoc Shoulder Bag. It's about $30 on Amazon right now.

The bag has a main compartment for the computer and then two small compartments where I put charging adapter and all of those USB-C dongles.

And that's about it. You won't fit a pair of over-the-ear headphones, or a large notepad. It's just for the computer, adapter, phone and some accessories.

Perfect size for Touch Bar model

My favorite thing about this bag is its size. Like I said, I was looking for something small. This is the smallest bag you can find on the market for this model.

The trick is, it's made for 14" computers. The new MacBook Pro is about 14" size on the outside. (By that I mean its outside size is comparable to 14" models.) It fits perfectly. There is no extra space, it looks like it was made for this computer.

It looks so small that people will think you have a 13" computer there, which is exactly what I was going for. A small, light bag for quick carrying around.

Best protection I've ever seen

Tomtoc also brags about their superior protection and while I didn't expect much, I was pleasantly surprised.

There is really thick layer of smooth cushion around the perimeter, it is much thicker than what I've seen in other bags. It's very soft and I think it will protect your computer from even a moderate bang against a wall, or even falling down to the ground. (I'm not going to try that.)


It's not a bag for every opportunity, you'll find it useful when you need to run to a meeting, or stay in a coffee shop for a couple of hours.

If you need to carry more stuff, or if you commute by a bicycle, you'll obviously be better off with a proper backpack, but this is great for everyday carrying.

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to write this, I haven't even setup those Amazon affiliate links.