Best time tracking app for Mac in 2017

I started out 2017 tracking all of my time. For that, I used Timely. Sadly, they removed their free plan and the subscription price is whopping $168 per year.

So these last few weeks I've been on a lookout for something new. I have very simple requirements: At the end of the week, I want to know how many hours I put into each of my projects.

I found Tyme 2. The UI is not winning a design award any time soon, but it does all I need from a time tracker.

  • It's a one time purchase. $17.99 on Mac and $5.99 on iOS. $24 total.
  • There's Mac and iOS version, synced through iCloud. Sync is a must when you work on multiple Macs.
  • It prints total work time for the day in the menubar. I'm kinda OCD about working at least 8 hours every day, so that helps.
  • It has a great idle timer. If you go out to grab some lunch and forget to stop the timer, it asks you to remove logged time since you were away.
  • There's an Apple Watch app that I haven't used extensively yet. It's still easier for me to click in the menubar.
  • It syncs entries into your calendar for quick overview of what you've done so far today.
  • You can export to PDF, CSV, whatever you need.

So far I'm really excited about this tool. If you're on Mac/iPhone and you need to track your personal time, seems like the best time tracker in 2017.