Get your productivity app on Trello blog

FocusList has been around for a year or so, and during that time it was featured in many places. It was featured on ProductHunt, on MacStories, I ran ads inside Tomato One and Escape (the old, free version.) It was Tweeted about a lot and there’s a bunch of Tumblr posts mentioning it.

But the most effective channel so far was the Trello blog. In terms of both traffic and conversion rates. It brought in more traffic than the Product Hunt launch, as you can see here:

The post name is "Top 15 Best Productivity Apps To Get You Through Your Day" written by Francesco D'Alessio. (Check out Francesco's YouTube channel where he reviews apps.) The article didn't even talk about FocusList exclusively, it talks about a bunch of other apps too.

Mobile vs. desktop

Most of the users brought by Trello were on desktop:

And yet, the mobile version got more downloads:

This suggest much higher conversion rates for people who came from Trello on their mobile device as opposed to Mac.

Ideally I would know exact conversion rates for both platforms, but unfortunately Mac App Store doesn't have conversion analytics like iOS store.


It sounds like people who read Trello blog are serious about their productivity tooling. They are looking for new and better ways to organize their work, track it and improve effectiveness.

The Product Hunt crowd, which brought in similiar amount of traffic just doesn't convert as well as a specialized blog like Trello.

If you're building a productivity app, do everything you can to get it featured there, it will pay off. If you're building something else, figure out what your users are reading, what are they watching and where do they look for new software.

My experience with Trello blog is an example of perfect match between readership and the product.

If you're wondering where those sweet charts are coming from - they come from Median, my app that helps you "play with your data".