How to stay in love with programming

In college I loved programming. I used to carry my then super-light MacBook Air everywhere, and I spent many hours in school cafeteria coding.

Programming was then optional and I was doing it for fun.

Then it became work.

To keep the relationship alive, you have to go on dates:

  • Talk to other programmers (who are good)
  • Be active on Twitter, have conversations
  • Go to conferences!
  • Or watch conference videos online
  • Follow latest news
  • Play with latest technologies (Think ARKit)
  • Write blog posts about it
  • Have weekend projects

Note about weekend projects: When they start making money, they're not weekend projects anymore. Don't expect the nice feeling of doing something just for fun.

It's hard to find time for these things when your job needs you full time. But I think it's a good investment, especially if you see your passion is fading.