My 5 hacks to never feeling tired

Feeling tired? Try practising these for a week or two. Then let me know how'd it work out for you.

1. Going to bed early, at a consistent time, and getting full 8 hours.

I fall asleep every night around 10:00PM and I get up around 6:00PM. I've tried 11-7, but waking up at 6 is the best. It's my extra hour. I can spend it on work, exercise or just leisure.

My schedule needs to be consistent. Some people can go to sleep at 10PM on Monday and 3AM Tuesday and their wake-up hour adjusts accordingly.

If I shift my schedule by one hour, I still wake up at the same time. So that's one hour less sleep – enough to make me feel terrible.

So, as with many things, consistency is the key.

2. Limit coffee, none in the PM

I went from 4-5 coffees a day to double espresso in the morning and it's been wonderful.

I'm always tempted to have a coffee in the PM, but I never do. It messes with my sleep. (I'm very sensitive to caffeine. Maybe you're not, then ignore this rule.)

Here I must note that by 1 coffee I mean 1 espresso, which is 8 grams of coffee. If you get a medium black coffee in Starbucks, that's more like 3 espressos.

3. Light lunches

Everyone loves a good burger and fries, but that's just a PM productivity killer. Nothing ever makes me as sleepy as high carb lunch.

Now don't take me wrong – I'm no salad-preaching fitness freak. Just don't overdo it with the carbs, that's all.

4. Exhaustive exercise every day

I always fall asleep within 5 minutes of laying down. Reason? My launch break consists of roughly 1000m freestyle swim at a decent pace.

I'm lucky to have a swimming pool about 3 minutes walking distance from my office.

But any exercise that gets you tired is a great thing to boost your sleep and your energy levels the next day.

5. Phone on a charger, turned off, and in a different room

Ever check your email in the middle of the night? Yeah, we all have. We've gotten to a point where we're online even when we sleep.

My hack is this: Keep my charger in the kitchen, and always put it there for the night. I turn it off too, just to be sure. As a bonus, I get a 100% battery in the morning!

And don't use it as an alarm clock. Buy a physical alarm clock.