$40 iPhone replacement screen

I recently cracked my iPhone 6 glass. This never happens to me. I'm usually very careful with my devices, but I was on a run and tired, and the concrete paid no attention to how I feel about my devices.

Anyway, this phone is now only for development, so I figured that instead of paying something over 100€, I'll try and see if I can do it myself.

You can find replacement screens on eBay, Amazon - all over the place. The quality is always questionable. Many of these parts are junk, they don't work properly, they break quickly, and many times it's just not worth your time or money.

So I relied on Amazon reviews. These parts start at $20, I ordered this one for about $40. I'm not really sure if it's better than those $20 screens, but it had slightly better ratings.

Replacing the screen

YouTube is full of guides about replacing an iPhone screen. I followed this one.

The process wasn't too hard, and I think anybody can do it, it just takes a lot of patience and carefulness. It took me about an hour. These kits come with all the tools you need, but it can only help if you have your own set of screwdrivers for fine electronics.

The only problem was a destroyed screw that I couldn't get out. I got impatient and removed it with forcefully - that screw is now missing from the device, but it's not a big deal. (It's not a very important screw.)


It's good enough for a development device. If this was my main phone, I think I would have it replaced at Apple.

First thing that seems off is how it feels when touched. It's somehow not as smooth as the original display. When I rub my finger across the screen I can feel certain resistance. On the original screen, it felt completely smooth.

Things get worse when it comes to colors. I compared it to my friend's original iPhone 6 and the difference is huge. The replacement screen seems faded, washed-out and blueish. When I open colorful image on both, I start to regret I didn't go to Apple.


I think I got exactly what I paid for. If you want your screen to be as good as before, go to Apple. The pricing reflects the quality.

But if you don't care about your screen being smooth to touch or about quality of colors, you can save some money if you just do it yourself.